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"Glory North" was a hard rock band from Stockholm, Sweden.
The band was founded in 1985 by the vocalist with the same name. He began his music career back in the 70's and has experiences from several bands since then. Most famous band is "Glory Bells Band" which he joined with in 1980.

Record contract
Previously, Glory was front man in Stockholm-based "Glory Bells Band", a hard rock band that many have wondered why it never reached further than it did. The band released two albums "Dressed in black" in 1982 and "Century Rendezvous" in 1984. See Links for more information about this band. "Glory Bells Band" dissolved in January 1985 due to too many problems with their record company.

Glory had the "Glory Bells" record contract and he was legally bound to it for several years ahead. That means that he was not able to change record company. The contract said that he must do one more album why Glory started his own hard rock band "Glory North" in the beginning of 1985.

Glory had finished five songs even before the band was formed. The material for the whole album was completed in rather short time and all songs was arranged by the whole band together. National Force

"Glory North" went into the studio in 1985 and recorded the album. The album "National Force" was finalized late 1985. The music can be seen as powerful heavy rock with emphasis on melody. The intention was that each song should have a profile enough to be released on a single, an ambition one can hardly blame all bands to have.

The band received an offer for a gig to participate at a music gala performance in May 1986. The conditions for the band was to play for free and the revenues from the gala went to "Cancerfonden", an aid organisation for the endemic disease cancer. This was something Glory felt with his heart that the band must do. People lives with toxins in the environment every day, which makes people sick, and we must think about that, especially what amalgam can do to people. The gala took place at the suburb Handen, south of Stockholm, and a couple of bands participated. Otherwise, the band has played all over Sweden.

Record company
Mean while... so went the record company S.O.S Sound of Scandinavia into "bankruptcy" and was reconstructed during their new name IMP, Independent Music Production. Glory was suspicious and sceptical against, the so-called, new record company but there was nothing he could do about it. National Force

The new record company never succeeded why the "Glory North" album "National Force" was never released. IMP had financial problems and went into bankruptcy 1986 just before that could happen.

Sabbatical year
Glory had kept going on with music on a daily basis since the early 70's and he needed a break. He had enough of record companies with his bad experiences. In 1988 he decided to take a sabbatical year from the music.

Hobby band
The break was just what Glory needed. In the early 1989 he felt inclined to write new songs again. Peter Udd ("Glory Bells Band") on drums joined the band in 1990. Glory (vocals), Afro Santunione (guitar) and Peter (drums) became the bands core members. Since then, the guys have played for fun, there have been many, many gigs, and have their music as a hobby.

Our very, very dear Glory died in February 2008 after a long time of sickness. What a tragedy! He fought so many battles but he could not win the war. His death is unbelievable for us all and we miss him so much!

Glory had a true passion and love for music. He was a great musician and songwriter, and he encouraged us to play long beyond that we did not thought that we could do. We remember his sense for details, precision, patience and he was one hell of a singer and a true friend. We all have grief in our hearts and the world will never be the same!

Note line

Special Thanks
"Glory North" band would like to Thank the friends who have wanted to play with the band through the years. Thank You guys!!! ...and they are:

Aki R, Peson, Åke, Christer W, Micke L, Jompa, Tobbe L, Jan G, Björn M, Mats F

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