Glory North

Core members

We are proudly to present the bands core members

Glory North
Vocals and background vocals

Glorys real name is Glory Ove Nordh. He was born 1958 up in the highlands, in the middle of Sweden and he moved with his family to Stockholm when he was 6 years old.

In the early 70's Glory was a member of "Earth Gravity" where he played guitar and did the vocals. The band played covers from the 60's and own songs, influenced by hard rock music.

Then Glory went to the hard rock band "Madness Age" as a singer. One of the members in "Madness Age" was Pekka Adolfsson on lead guitar who was a good friend to him back in the 60's. When a couple of band members left the band and they where replaced by new members, the band changed their name to "X-Ray Free". Pekka went on to "Intermezzo", a pop band, with Orup as a singer.

After "X-Ray Free" Glory went to the hard rock band "Nasty" as a singer.

Half of the songs were written by all the members in the bands mentioned above, and the other half by Glory alone. All arrangements were made together and so it continued when Glory joined "Glory Bells Band" in 1980.

He recorded two albums with Glory Bells, "Dressed in black" from 1982 and "Century Rendezvous" from 1984. See Links for more information about this band.

In the early 1985 he started his own hard rock band "Glory North".

"Glory North" has nothing to do with the Swedish hard rock band "Glory", who acted during the same period. This name has caused a lot of confusion and many people have asked and wondered if Glory was a member of the band "Glory", but that is all wrong.

Musicians left "Glory North" band because Glory could not change record company. After a while it came to Glorys knowledge that a former band member, Björn, went to a band named "Mogg" (could it be as in Phil Mogg, UFO?). Another former band member, Jan, started a new band, and who'd thought it!, named to "Glory". Also a band named after a singer. The band "Glory North" and the band "Glory" were two different bands! At first he did not like that the band had his name, but after a while he felt flattered.

Glory died in February 2008 after a long time of sickness.

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Afro Santunione
Lead guitar and guitars

Afro was born 1963 and raised in Midsommarkransen, one of the suburbs west of Stockholm.
He is brother to Franco Santunione (guitar, "Glory Bells Band").

The first band Afro played with was a punk rock band in the south suburbs of Stockholm around 79-80. Then followed a time of a couple of different punk rocks band that he played with.

In 1983 he joined a hard rock band from the suburb Lidingö, Stockholm, which he played with to the end of 1984. This band later on changed their name to "Yalebate" and won the competition "Rock SM", a Swedish Mastership for rock bands.

Afro Afro had closely followed "Glory Bells" through the years and when Glory asked him to play with "Glory North" band in the beginning of 1985 he said yes to it gladly.

He played with "Glory North" until his first child was born in the end of the 80's. Then he joined "Glory North" band again and played with the guys between 90-92.

The last time Afro stood on stage was in May 2002 when he played guitar with "Glory Bells Band". Afro replaced Mats Andersson (Granberg) who could not participate. The gig was a reunion of the band and they played at Franco Santuniones big birthday party to celebrate him. See Links for more information about this gig.

From 2004 Afro helps his both musically two sons with their different music projects. His son Michel Santunione plays guitar and his son Simon Santunione plays drums.

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Peter Udd
Drums and percussion

Peters last name Udd is a synonym of his real last name, Sandberg. He was born 1957 and raised in a suburb located north of Stockholm.

Peter played drums in the progressive rock band "Råg i Ryggen" back in the 70's. The band released an album, the bands only one, in 1975 with the same name. Peter was amazingly only 16 years old when they recorded the album. Half of the albums songs was in Swedish and the other half in English. The album was re-released on CD in the end of 2005 and it includes three live bonus tracks. See Links for more information about the band.

In the early 80's Peter played drums in Yngwie Malmsteens Swedish hard rock band "Rising Force". See Links for more information about this band.

Peter Peter signed up for "Glory Bells Band" in the end of 1980. He recorded two albums with Glory Bells, "Dressed in black" from 1982 and "Century Rendezvous" from 1984. See Links for more information about the band.

From 1990 Peter play drums in the hard rock band "Glory North".

When "Glory Bells Band" was dissolved Peter began to work in studios as a sound engineer. He has mixed many different bands with varying music styles during the years. See Links for examples of bands that Peter has mixed.

Peters big hobby is sound and technical vintage sound devices. He builds own amplifiers, compressors and many more things from the 60's and 70's.

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