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About this site

Glory Bells Band Welcome to Glory Bells Band Official Homepage!

The whole thing began with an assignment from Glory to construct a Homepage for the hard rock band Glory North. While I was working with the site I asked myself a lot of questions about Glory Bells Band. Many people has searched after information about Glory Bells but could not find any, including myself.

This, and the combination of that the band has received great reviews from the press, e.g. USA, led to that I asked Glory if they wanted to set up a Homepage. Glory was open for my suggestions and I was told that the band had been asked many times if they have a Homepage on the Internet. The fact that I know a lot about them made me perfect for the job. This Homepage has come true through my interviews with the band and background research. The guys themselves have gathered some interesting material for you.

Glory Bells Band would like to Thank all of you fans out there for your great support through the years.
We hope you will enjoy this site!

Glory Bells Band & Åsa Jansson, webdesigner

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